2023 Drawings on Black Paper

Drawings on Black Paper

I like conceiving of space as darkness. For me, white is nothingness, the antithesis of the concrete, whereas darkness seems fertile, rich with life, full to the brim with all that we can’t see. In a dark room, these drawings are invisible, only leaping into life when touched by light.

From this soft velvet space scraps of nature emerge like magic slides, tangled up with human leavings. The secret life of insects, ribbons, forgotten objects and the gleaming beauty of plants combine in a whirl of non-sequiturs. The sun and moon shine down.

There is something tactile and gentle about drawing, the soft scraping of pencil over the fibrous paper, slowly teasing shapes out of the darkness, then bringing them to life with the tiniest sparkles of bright white. It is as if I am simply uncovering what is there already, lifting a veil to reveal the truly magical world, and our curious place within it.