2018 You, Me, There, Here – text for ICAIO, Mauritius

A painting is like an unfurled banner, woven with thousands of threads in delicate colours. Flying high, it’s both a signal and an invitation to follow. 


Like all forms of connection, art can only exist in an imaginary place between us. We need this connection so badly, this precious trust, this potential for compassion, for the joy of recognition. 


When I paint space, I am inviting you to be with me in a place that is not there and not here.

When I paint a person, they become a go-between, a bilingual messenger, crossing back and forth between us.


When I throw this illusion up into the air, and see it hover for ever on the warm breeze extended on the tips of long, leaning poles, against the sparkling light, I am throwing my heart up with it.

I am asking you to feel the longing my heart feels, to be held in an impossible place that will always be there, and can never be here in the vanishing moment. In this way I can feel we are together, and I am relieved from loneliness.